Monday, January 31, 2011

Sick? Get into your CHIROPRACTOR NOW!

By: Dr. Terry Weyman D.C., C.C.S.P and Dr. Amir Mahmud D.C., C.C.S.P

Even though its 75 degrees out we are STILL in Winter and it’s the heart of COLD season. How many people do you know who are out with Bronchitis, pertusis, allergies or a cold? According to the latest research the average American suffers two to six colds a year, and as yet, there is no known cure. Nevertheless, pharmacies and stores that sell alternative medicine therapies are stocked with products claiming to be natural remedies for the common cold. If you are one of the “lucky ones”, you may be wondering how best to treat your symptoms. Are over-the-counter cold medications the only way to go or do alternative remedies such as vitamin C, Echinacea and zinc really help? Before we look at the remedies and research behind them lets look at the animal itself, the cold and flu.

The common cold (acute coryza 45) is associated with viruses that affect the nose, throat, larynx (voice box) and sinuses. That means stuffed and runny nose, scratchy throat, watery eyes, stuffed sinuses and congestion. What makes the common cold different from viral or bacterial infections is the absence of high fever. Influenza, or the flu, the patient will have a fever between 101-103, backache, headache, muscle and joint pain, runny nose, congestion, sore throat and cough and continue irregularly for three to four days. The flu can cause problems if you are in the elderly population, weak or suffering from an immune suppressive disorder. In some cases, the flu may develop into pneumonia. For most people who are “healthy” the flu is little more than an annoying illness.

Painkillers such as aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen are common ingredients in cold products designed to relieve aches and pains and reduce fever. Yet, most colds don’t cause aches, pains or high fevers. According to Joe Graedon Ph.D., author of the People’s Pharmacy Guide to home and herbal remedies, Antihistamines, meant for those runny noses, help against allergies and hay fever but provide relatively little relief for the common cold. “Such drugs may actually be counterproductive by allowing viruses to multiply more readily. They cite a study in which Australian scientists found that aspirin, acetaminophen and ibuprofen reduced immune system response and resulted in “increased nasal symptoms.” Other research has shown that people spread more of the cold virus after taking aspirin. So what can we do to help fight the battle?

Seek Chiropractic care during the cold season. A study in the journal of Osteopathic medicine showed a study of over 4600 patients with upper respirator tract infections, only 5% of cases treated with spinal manipulative therapy developed secondary complications. Chiropractic care has been proven to enhance the natural resistance and improve immune function. By keeping the neurological system working better, it will allow the body to keep up with the increase stress that is brought on by the increase in immune system overload.

Drink plenty of water. Fluids will help loosen the mucus in your nose and chest and provide a medium for the cells to communicate.

Stop eating sugar and avoid dairy products. Sugar and refined sweets have been shown to reduce the total amount of white blood cells, which fight infection. Also, sugar, even in fruit juices and dairy products, thicken the mucus in the linings in your nose and lungs, making the mucus and your infection harder to get rid of.

Rest. This will allow the body to focus on healing.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C has long been touted for its ability to prevent and cure the common cold. Although these claims have been blown out of proportion, an adequate intake of Vitamin C is necessary to help fight infections and keep the immune system healthy. There is some research to show that taking extra vitamin C at the onset of a cold may cause a mild antihistamine effect.

The recommended dietary allowance for vitamin C is between 1,000 milligrams per day for women and 90-250 mg for men. You may bump this up to 3000 mg for 48-72 hours at onset of the cold. Too much Vitamin C may cause side effect such as nausea, abdominal cramps and diarrhea, so don’t mega dose during the season.

Echinacea: Over the past several years, Echinacea has become one of the hottest herbal remedies in the US. While little research has been done in the US, European research on Echinacea has suggested that the herb has an immune-stimulant effect. Echinacea seems to work by stimulating various components of the body’s immune system. One of the reasons that Echinacea’s research varies is that there are three different species of the purple coneflower which make up the herbal remedy. For the most affective remedy seek out your Doctor/Chiropractor, nutritionist or a reputable vitamin store.

Since possible adverse effects from long-term use have not been studied, most sources recommend that Echinacea only be taken when the symptoms of a cold first appear and then only for a week or two. Because it is an immune system stimulant those with autoimmune diseases like lupus, MS, Sclerosis and RA should not take the herb. It is also not recommended for pregnant and lactating women or for those on immunosuppressant medication.

ZINC: A 1996 study found in the annals of internal medicine found that adults who used zinc lozenges (without sugar) from the onset of a cold recovered twice as fast as those who did not take them. I recommend no more that 100 mg of Zinc a day to fight off the cold and to take the duration of symptoms.

Energy Balance (EB): Some call this a “footbath” but its much more .The EB detox therapy works by cutting down heavy metal build up in your body and decreasing inflammation. As a result of this, your major detox organs (Lung, Liver, Kidneys, Skin, and Colon) can function at a higher level. When your body is able to function at its optimal level, you are less likely to become sick because your immune system can fight off various bacteria and viruses. The duration of the treatments is between 15-25 minutes. Most patients tend to feel an immediate relief in the signs and symptoms of their cold after the treatment.

Low Level Laser: The low-level cold laser works by enhancing the communication between the Central Nervous System (CNS) and Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). As a result of this enhanced communication the body will function at a higher level. The cold laser also speeds up tissue recovery and cuts down on inflammation by increasing Adenosine Tri Phosphate (ATP), which is the main fuel for the body.

By combining the EB and Cold Laser with an adjustment the average duration of the cold can be cut down to 1-3 days.

So, as we enter this cold season, don’t wait for the cold to attack you, attack the cold through keeping the biomechanics strong in your body by seeking Chiropractic Care, the biochemistry alive by eating right, using the EB and Laser as well as taking the appropriate supplements. Lets spend more time enjoying life and hanging outside and less time by the Kleenex box in bed.

Dr. Terry Weyman and Dr. Amir Mahmud are Doctors at Westlake CSI. For more information the clinic visit their website at

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is your New Years resolution to lose weight or get healthy for 2011?

By: Dr. Terry Weyman

While watching the news the other day, CNN was reporting that the government was lowering the weight limit to allow insurance to cover obese surgeries, such as the “lap band”. What! Have you read about the side affects of these surgeries? When did Americans become so lazy or complacent that we cheer when our government passes bills such as this? When we make a big purchase such as a car or a house, we do our research and weigh the pros and the cons. We only get ONE body, yet we don’t cherish it or care for it as the most Valuable asset you will EVER own. If you have ever watched “The Biggest Loser,” you know that even those diagnosed with severe medical conditions can lose weight with changes in diet and exercise. Now even though this show is unrealistic to the average person, it still shows you don’t need any magic formula except eating the right foods, the right amount and burn the calories to achieve what you want, which is weight loss.

Anyone can come up with excuses why they CAN’T do something. What ever happened to our American fight on getting things done? Instead of coming up with excuses on How you CAN’T lose weight, lets learn HOW to get it done. It takes the same amount of energy or time to eat incorrectly as it does to eat correctly. So let’s look at some tips that can help YOU make 2011 a great year. The number one RESOLUTION is for people to “get in shape”, “get healthy” and to “lose weight”. No offense to Jenny Craig or other Pre Managed Meal plans, but lets face it, these are programs designed to just help you LOSE WEIGHT the quick and easy way. I spoke to some experts to help you achieve your goals of True health for 2011 and beyond.

According to Fitness expert, Rob Yontz of True North Fitness in Ventura, today obesity problems can be stemmed to how our society has become fast-paced and looking for “quick satisfaction”. “It is this emotion that marketers and “fast buck Eddies” play off when they market simple, myopic solutions such as pills, potions, powders, and yes, surgery. I find it sad to see so many waste their money, emotion, and time on false solutions which are not founded in solid science” states Yontz. “The solution is actually quite simple in nature; scientifically it is rather simple to produce a state in the body that will produce fat loss. But simple does not equate to “easy”. It takes a change in what you are doing for your lifestyle”

One of the first things you must do, starting right now, is stop making excuses! You have to trust yourself before you can change your life. Your body will do what your mind tells it to do. According to our own CSI Certified Athletic Trainer, Geraghty Berntson, there is no secret weapon, but relearning common sense. “First things first, don’t eat more than you are going to burn off, Period.” States Berntson, “It's important that people realize that weight loss isn't a phase or diet. Weight loss needs to be a lifestyle adjustment. It goes beyond buying prepared meals. Yes, those will make you lose weight, but once you return to your old habits the weight will come back. The same is true for surgical fixes. Lifestyle changes take time and patience, but pay off more in the long run”. According to Rob Bolton M.S., ATC, CSCS, Director of Operations for the Elite Performance Factory in Westlake, “Pre-packaged weight loss meal plans may seem like an easy way to modify ones diet for weight loss but the limitations make long term success unrealistic. Most of these pre-packaged plans require the user to keep the food with them throughout the day and limit the option of real food. It is far more empowering to educate clients on how to eat as this knowledge travels with them wherever they are. I don’t know many clients willing to go out to a meal with friends and family and rather than ordering from the menu they just have a meal replacement bar. This does not provide for sustainable results.”

What is comes down to, is to live a great life, to have fun and achieve your goals. Take these tips and actually put them to use, don’t just talk about it, or TRY, but as NIKE states, “JUST DO IT”. Fitness Coach Rob Yontz has given you these simple, yet challenging tips. You want to lose weight? Follow these. You want to make it to the podium for the first time? Follow these. You want to avoid getting sick and living a healthier life? Follow these!

1. Get your mind straight – it is possible to accomplish and it can be rather simple depending on where you are starting. The mind is powerful, so expect to get to your goal.
2. Think about and visualize where you want to get to, write it down and keep it in front of you. (yes it sounds corny but do it).
3. Food is your bodies energy source. You don’t put bad gas in a race car do you?
a. Eat breakfast every day.
b. Eat something about every 3 hours throughout the day.
c. Every time you eat, have a very lean protein and vegetables.
d. Drink water, about half to two-thirds your bodyweight in ounces
e. Eliminate the liquid calories, energy drinks, and sodas
f. Eat natural, whole, seasonal foods most of the time (most = 90%)
g. Limit your carbohydrate starches to post workout and breakfast
h. Choose things your great grand ma had options to choose.

4. Exercise effectively (effectively means in a manner that will produce fat loss)
a. You need to be active daily.
b. You need to exercise at least 3-4 time weekly (for most people, walking is not “exercise”. When you walk for exercise you should be winded and not be able to talk.
c. Strength training will produce these results.
d. Energy system training will aide these results combined with strength training.
e. Jogging will not produce these results (yes I know many will want to argue this point, but my experience and the science does not back it up)

5. Make sure to measure your progress, and be patient and allow time for the change. The body is a living organism, not a linear change device. You did not get into the condition you are in overnight. It will take time to get into a healthy state.

6. Make sure you allow for enough rest and recovery.

7. Get a Coach – you need a qualified professional in the health field who does this type of work so that you can do what is appropriate for you at the time. Ask for references and testimonials.

So start 2011 with a BANG. Don’t just TRY it, or give it your best shot, this gives you an out. Do as NIKE says, JUST DO IT. Change is hard but focus on the prize, aren’t you worth it? Your back, knees, and heart will thank you.

Dr.Terry Weyman is the owner of Chiropractic Sports Institute.

Thank you to the fitness professionals who helped in putting this article together

Rob Yontz at, 805.650.1239
Geragthy Berntson at CSI Westlake 805-371-0737
Rob Bolton 805 494-4464