Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mild Hyperbaric Therapy Coming to CSI!

Dr. Terry Weyman

After several successes using the Mild Hyperbaric Chamber to heal various sports injuries, I have made the decision to purchase one. I am constantly amazed at how fast injuries such as fractures, contusions, concussions and ligament/Tendon tears heal with the mild hyperbaric chamber. I have used them personally to recover from my Shoulder and elbow surgeries and now most recently, used it in my treatment protocol for my grade 3 ankle injury. In the past I have joined forces with Doctors, in the Valley, who had a unit to work with head trauma cases (concussions), knee and shoulder injuries as well as recovery from Chronic Fatigue and Ebstein Barr in some of my high level athletes who needed to compete. The results always blew me away. I recently used the Chamber at the FACTORY, thanks to Billy Miller, with again, tremendous results.

With the recent positive results of my ankle injury recovery and speaking to many Professional Sports Physicians, who use these on a daily basis, I have made the purchase and will be getting one in my office by the end of the month.

There are two forms of Hyperbaric Therapy. Mild and Steel Chambers. A mild hyperbaric chamber (up to 1.3 atmospheres) verses a steel chamber which goes (up to 3atmospheres). The steel chambers are used more for Diving accidents and medical emergencies and even snake bites, while the Mild Hyperbaric is one of the most sought after and used therapies for various Neurological conditions such as Autism, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Sport Injury, scar reduction, Chronic Fatigue and more.

I am so excited to bring this cutting edge therapy, along with the specific Erchonia Cold Laser protocols used in side it, to the Conejo Valley. The research shows that soft tissue wounds heal up to 60% faster in the chamber. This has been true with my injuries as well as the Athletes I have placed in the chambers in the past. Many of my NFL, MLB and procycling colleagues have been using the Chamber for years to get their athletes back on the field as fast as possible, now that therapy and proven protocols will be at CSI!

Come and check out the New CSI performance Clinic as well as meet the staff at CSI Westlake or CSI Moorpark. Thing CSI when it comes to your Sports Injury needs. www.gotcsi.com

Monday, October 17, 2011

I AM BACK! Grade 3 Ankle injury

By: Dr. Terry Weyman

Well, it’s the start of week 5 and I am back to work full time with NO LIMP! Yes, its true, I am not only out of the boot, but walking like a normal person with a normal looking foot! HOWEVER, before you start speculations, I still have a long way to go for lateral stability and full function but for now to get back to work with no altered gait is HUGE! I am out of the boot, but still wear the Aircast ankle brace and compression sock. By the end of the week I will mold and get into a custom Bauerfeind Malleoloc brace. This brace is made of carbon fiber and is strong, light and protective.

I continue to work in the pool for 1-2 hours (3x a week) swimming and doing my functional training. I started at 5.5’of water and now I am working the foot at the 3.5’ level. My routine continues with forward and backwards walking, balancing with eyes open and closed, toe raises and then light jumping in a star pattern. I also continue to use the Mild Hyperbaric Chamber and Acupuncture after my pool workout.

As of Last Friday, I have added Physical Therapy with my trainer at the CSI Performance Center, Aaron Kleefish, and its coming around so fast. I am training on the off days of the pool. When you do it right, work hard and have a good team who thinks out of the box, you get out of the box results!

My goal is to Snow ski in January with no complications or restrictions!

Dr.Terry Weyman is the clinic Director of CSI. We will be opening the CSI performance Clinic on NOV 1st! This will be a top notch performance and recovery center, with the latest training equipment, pilates and a mild Hyperbaric Chamber! Come and check us out at www.gotcsi.com

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It takes work to heal- Complex tear of Ankle

Dr. Terry Weyman

Ever wonder how the professional athlete comes back from "major and career ending injuries faster than the regular person"? Its because the hard work that make them the top 1 percent of all the athletes does not stop when they leave the field. They are willing to do what it takes to get where they want to go. You would never hear a Pro say "I don't have time to rehab, or, if my insurance doesn't cover it, I can't do it, or, my favorite, I can't do all of that, I have to work for a living". Professional athletes realise something, their body is their most valuable asset and without it working in perfect order, they can't go to work. They can't make money or live the life they want to live. Well, this journey I have taken to heal faster, but functional, has shown me many things. One, it takes a lot of work and time. Second, the money spent is far less than the money that I would lose in the long run with a bum ankle. Third, Anyone who values their body can do it!

As many of you know the standard for this kind of injury is bed rest with a cast for 2 weeks, then non wt bearing crutches for the next 4 weeks, then build into wt bearing and begin rehab to get the range of motion back. This is the standard that most Doctors (MDs and DCs) as well as Athletic Trainers and PTs go by. HOWEVER, when talking to colleagues of mine who work with NFL, MLB and Pro Cycling teams the rules change. Why, because their clients HAVE to get back to work and they can't have residual weaknesses. Why wait for scar tissue to build up then go to a PT to break it down in an attempt to get movement? Instead, under close watch, rehab the joint under light load and allow the scar to build in a functional manner.

MY days:

As you know I am back to work 3 days a week. M-W-F. These work days are long so I am using tue and thurs to recover and rehab. HOWEVER, to get through a full day requires extra work. I start my day on my Marc Pro for 45 min (http://www.marcpro.com/ Promo code: gotcsi) Then I eat breakfast and take my subacute supplements. I lather Traumeel on my leg (LA MDs are injecting Traumeel into joints now), put on my compression socks and walking boot, grab my crutches and head to the office. At the office I am not using the crutches to go from room to room but when I leave for lunch I use them. During my lunch hour, I hop in the Hyperbaric Chamber with the Erchonia Cold Laser and do the protocols for bone and ligament repair. More Traumeel, then sock back on and boot. Eat/supplements and its back to the office for my afternoon patient load. At the end of sometimes a 12 hour day, I get adjusted by one of my CSI Doctors, Dr. Amir Mahmud, to pull out the kinks from my altered gait and to restore neurological flow. Afterwhich I seek out my Acupuncturist, Dr. Shari Philips, who is kind enough to stay late. After an hour of Acupuncture its home for some Ice, rest and light Marc Pro. Finish up my paperwork from the day, take my Joint reconstruction supplements and then Kinesio tape my ankle for bed.

On Tue and Thurs the fun really happens. After breakfast, I go to the local pool and begin my exercise routine. Each day I add a little.

1. I swim 8 laps, adding one lap per day. 25 meter pool
2. Walk the width of the pool (competition regulation size) 10 times. Each day I
move 6" down towards the shallow end. I started with the water at shoulder level
Now its chest high. Each day adds a little more body weight to foot. I want
NO pain! I walk slow, concentrating on perfect gait.
3. Balance 30 seconds eyes open, 30 eyes closed on "bad leg". Same as #2, move
each day alittle more towards shallow end. NO PAIN
4. Walk backwards 5 times, same rules as 2.

Repeat 3 times.

I dry off and head to the hyperbaric for an hour of Hyperbaric (HBOT) therapy with the laser. Then Today I added something new. I paid a visit to the Neurotropia Brain Training Center. They work alot with the REDBULL athletes. What their machine does best is work with athletes who have anxiety and how to increase hand eye coordination, but it also helps "remap" the brain after injuries. What does this mean? When ever you have an injury there is a mental component that goes with this injury. Hence, the fear of return to play, guarded gait, lack of fight and overall fear of reinjury. I wanted to start work on this component now and not wait till its deep seated. The initial test showed I had some effects already, so I am glad I began when I did. (Gotta work on getting this technology over to CSI!)This process took another hour.

After lunch, I went home, rested and iced. Then Before Dinner, I was at it again, using a vibratory percusser to loosen the lower leg muscles to create blood flow to the foot. I went back on the Marc Pro for 45 min, then Kinesio tape for the remainder of the night.

That is my week. ARE YOU WILLING TO DO ALL OF THIS? Don't forget I have 2 young boys, sole income provider for my family and I am still working. Its because of ALL of this that I must do what I am doing. I don't have time and can't afford to be down, Plus, I AM WORTH IT. The money I am spending I will get back by being back to work full time in a short amount of time.

Make sure you are willing to do what you don't want to do, so you TOO can achieve what you want to achieve!

This is my schedule for the next two weeks. I will continue to work 3 days a week. My plan is to go back to full time (5-6 days a week) at week 5! OH did I mention because of the healing that I have witness, CSI has just purchased a HYPERBARIC CHAMBER!.

Want to learn more about this amazing tool and its uses, research HBOT therapy, mild hyperbaric Chambers. I have used it on numerous high level athletes with amazing results, now, it will be available to everyone at CSI.

Dr.Terry Weyman is the clinic Director at CSI, for more information go to http://www.gotcsi.com/

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grade 3 ankle injury.. a small light at the end of the tunnel

Dr.Terry Weyman

Well, today marks the two week point and a small light is beginning to shine. I am continuing my daily routine of supplements; however, I am now adding more bone and joint remodeling supplements instead of those for acute care. I am still using crutches to keep the pressure off the bone contusions and injured ligaments where ever I go.

I am telling you all, if you get an injury such as this, find a Hyperbaric Chamber and get in it. BUT the chamber ALONE is not the key. The key is adding Cold Laser therapy in the chamber! Using specific protocols, within 30 minutes the pain in my ankle was at least 50% less and the passive range of motion gain is huge. This devise has made a big difference in my success so far!

With any injury such as this, proprioception, balance and strength are lost very quickly. So, today, I went to the local pool and began my rehab. I wanted to work on keeping the proprioception (joint awareness) intact and to restore/maintain proper biomechanics. The work out took 45 min and was so worth it. When I started my ankle and foot hurt bad, by the time I was done, they felt so much better. Here is what I did.

1. I Swam laps for 15 min, with minimal kicking. This allowed my injured ankle to work with the water and begin to loosen up with no weight bearing or stress. Swimming is a great work out to work the entire body. It not only gets your heart beating (aerobic activity) but it’s a great full body workout. When you have an altered gait, (due to a walking cast/boot and crutches), your back and hips are affected. Swimming will help work out these “kinks” and keep your body in good alignment.
2. Next, I went to where the water was just below my mouth and stood on the injured leg with my foot flat in perfect posture. Now the water is supporting most of my body weight. I stood on the injured leg and just balanced. 1 minute with my eyes open and 1 minute with my eyes closed (repeated 10 min). By letting the water push me around, I am beginning to work on regaining my stability.
3. Next with the ankle loosening up I started doing light toe raises (20) then walked the width of the pool 5 times and repeated for 20 minutes. When I first did the toe raises my ankle was weak and I felt apprehensive. By the time I was done I felt stronger and there was no pain. The pool ROCKED.

When I was done, I crutched home, then went on the Marc Pro, ice and rested. After the pool my spirits went up. I know this is a long process and it will take a lot of hard work, but what is the alternative, a life time of weakness and instability? NOT WORTH IT. Put the time in now and reap the rewards in the future!

Dr. Terry Weyman is the clinic director of the Chiropractic Sports Institute, for more information go to www.gotcsi.com