Monday, October 17, 2011

I AM BACK! Grade 3 Ankle injury

By: Dr. Terry Weyman

Well, it’s the start of week 5 and I am back to work full time with NO LIMP! Yes, its true, I am not only out of the boot, but walking like a normal person with a normal looking foot! HOWEVER, before you start speculations, I still have a long way to go for lateral stability and full function but for now to get back to work with no altered gait is HUGE! I am out of the boot, but still wear the Aircast ankle brace and compression sock. By the end of the week I will mold and get into a custom Bauerfeind Malleoloc brace. This brace is made of carbon fiber and is strong, light and protective.

I continue to work in the pool for 1-2 hours (3x a week) swimming and doing my functional training. I started at 5.5’of water and now I am working the foot at the 3.5’ level. My routine continues with forward and backwards walking, balancing with eyes open and closed, toe raises and then light jumping in a star pattern. I also continue to use the Mild Hyperbaric Chamber and Acupuncture after my pool workout.

As of Last Friday, I have added Physical Therapy with my trainer at the CSI Performance Center, Aaron Kleefish, and its coming around so fast. I am training on the off days of the pool. When you do it right, work hard and have a good team who thinks out of the box, you get out of the box results!

My goal is to Snow ski in January with no complications or restrictions!

Dr.Terry Weyman is the clinic Director of CSI. We will be opening the CSI performance Clinic on NOV 1st! This will be a top notch performance and recovery center, with the latest training equipment, pilates and a mild Hyperbaric Chamber! Come and check us out at

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