Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mild Hyperbaric Therapy Coming to CSI!

Dr. Terry Weyman

After several successes using the Mild Hyperbaric Chamber to heal various sports injuries, I have made the decision to purchase one. I am constantly amazed at how fast injuries such as fractures, contusions, concussions and ligament/Tendon tears heal with the mild hyperbaric chamber. I have used them personally to recover from my Shoulder and elbow surgeries and now most recently, used it in my treatment protocol for my grade 3 ankle injury. In the past I have joined forces with Doctors, in the Valley, who had a unit to work with head trauma cases (concussions), knee and shoulder injuries as well as recovery from Chronic Fatigue and Ebstein Barr in some of my high level athletes who needed to compete. The results always blew me away. I recently used the Chamber at the FACTORY, thanks to Billy Miller, with again, tremendous results.

With the recent positive results of my ankle injury recovery and speaking to many Professional Sports Physicians, who use these on a daily basis, I have made the purchase and will be getting one in my office by the end of the month.

There are two forms of Hyperbaric Therapy. Mild and Steel Chambers. A mild hyperbaric chamber (up to 1.3 atmospheres) verses a steel chamber which goes (up to 3atmospheres). The steel chambers are used more for Diving accidents and medical emergencies and even snake bites, while the Mild Hyperbaric is one of the most sought after and used therapies for various Neurological conditions such as Autism, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Sport Injury, scar reduction, Chronic Fatigue and more.

I am so excited to bring this cutting edge therapy, along with the specific Erchonia Cold Laser protocols used in side it, to the Conejo Valley. The research shows that soft tissue wounds heal up to 60% faster in the chamber. This has been true with my injuries as well as the Athletes I have placed in the chambers in the past. Many of my NFL, MLB and procycling colleagues have been using the Chamber for years to get their athletes back on the field as fast as possible, now that therapy and proven protocols will be at CSI!

Come and check out the New CSI performance Clinic as well as meet the staff at CSI Westlake or CSI Moorpark. Thing CSI when it comes to your Sports Injury needs. www.gotcsi.com

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