Monday, December 10, 2007

CHIROPRACTIC, the gift of health

Chiropractic, its the most wonderful form of health care around. Why is it termed "Alternative". I don't know and don't understand. If using the word in its purest term, why would going to the Chiropractic Doctor be your last or alternative choice. I call my MD friends the alternative Doctors. Think about it, if we can get the body right, restore both the cell, neurological communication and then restore and strengthen the musculoskeletal frame (biomechanics) and there was STILL something wrong, then the ALTERNATIVE would be to seek surgical care or pharmaceutical intervention.

In this time of holiday and Christmas thinking, I want to hear from everyone why they chose to come to CSI and how it has changed your life. I have seen SO many miracles walk out our doors and now I want to hear them from you. This is the end of the year, your health is THE most important investment you can make, without it NOTHING matters, not your portfolio, not how many cars or houses you have, or where you live. IF you can't get out of bed in the morning what CAN you do.

Is it the insurance company's obligation to care for you, NO its yours. Insurance is just that, INSURANCE if you are in a catastrophic accident. Hopefully they will help you get back on your feet, not keep you there. So think about it, and let us and the world know why your health is important and how CSI has kept you going and for what. Post your comments for all to read. My favorite comment is "I don't believe in Chiropractic". I figured this is a good time of year to handle that one. I am not a religion, its not something you believe in. I works! There is less risk in getting Chiropractic care that there is in taking medication and getting surgery. Post your thoughts and have a blessed holiday season.


Todd241 said...

Dr Terry,

Thanks for all you do for your patients and those who are not your direct patients but are less fortunate and need someone to bring benevolence their way.

Regarding our health, it is true that without it nothing else matters. I appreciate your chiropractic care that was a main part of my being able to avoid neck surgery last year. I know of at least 5 others who had similar situations and they all had to have surgery. Through prayer and your comprehensive advanced treatments I was not only able to avoid surgery, but have had no return of any of the pain and restrictive movement.

Warm regards,


Doctors of CSI said...

L@Dear Dr. Terry and the CSI Staff,

As a teenager, I was into many extreme sports such as motocross and snowboarding. At the tender age of 16, I found myself in a hospital bed looking at three broken vertebrae, two broken ribs, and a broken tail bone all due to one massive motorcycle crash. Although I would have willingly let them do any surgery they said would help, all that the doctors could say is my condition was too unstable to do surgery and that the use of my legs could be compromised if we did it. I was sent home to rehabilitate, and continuously told that this is a life long injury. Since then, I have experienced debilitating pain that seemed to get exponentially worse as the years went on, until I was referred to the CSI office and specifically you, Dr Terry. As I have come to understand it, my injury set off a domino effect in my body which caused all the wrong muscle groups to be compensating and supporting the injury that I incurred years prior. With your help and skill, I feel as though I am balanced and that my muscles are actually working as they are supposed to for the first time in many years. I have noticed that when I end up with a sharp pain in my back for one reason or another, a visit to your office provides me with the same if not more relief than any of the pain killers available, and without the undesirable withdraw. I want to let you know that you and your staff have helped me to achieve a new feeling about myself and a new outlook on life that it doesn’t have to be filled with pain and discomfort.

Thank you Dr. Terry and the CSI staff. Everything you have done for me is greatly appreciated.

Respectfully and Sincerely,

Jeffrey Paulson

Lanai said...

You write very well.