Thursday, January 22, 2009

Breathing treatments not as affective as once thought

Last night while watching the TV program, “The Biggest Loser”, I was blown away at a segment that showed the “contestants” talking to the Doctor regarding their past medications. One gentleman had over 20 pills he was taking, for everything from high blood pressure to high cholesterol to diabetes. The Doctor estimated that over his lifetime, he would spend in excess of $750,000 in prescription medication if he lived long enough to see a normal lifespan. $750,000.00 !!! All it took to get him off his pills and to save him close to a million dollars, was a few simple things: eat right and exercise. That was it. What a concept! We as Americans want it now and don’t want to have to work for it. Why sweat when I can take a pill; “I tried it and it did not work!”. “How long did you try it for?”. “6 months”. “How long have you had these problems?”. “4 years”. “So let me get this straight, you have felt this way for 4 years, which means it took probably another 4-6 years to develop and in 6 months you expect everything to be perfect?”. These are conversations I have every day at the office. These are conversations we hear on the news with the latest election. Yet, we want change but are not willing to stick with something long enough to enjoy the change. Some change is instant, at other times it is slow, but change is change. With this economy, do you want to spend your money on a quick fix of the symptoms (pills), or on a stronger fix of the long lasting problem?

The nervous system controls and coordinates the entire functional body. When the muscles change, it affects the biomechanical structure. This change affects the biochemistry, which in turn affects your movement, health and homeostasis of the body. When I get sick, I get adjusted and then hit my body hard with naturally assimilating vitamins and minerals to help the body get the job done. When I get hurt, I get adjusted (to realign the structure to take pressure off the nervous system and restore the biochemistry) then supply my body with the correct vitamins and minerals to get the job done. When I am low on energy, I look at why. Why is my body working harder than normal and where did my energy go? When your car gets bad gas mileage, you look at the structural alignment and check the engine to see if its running efficiently don’t you? So what is so different with your body?

Below is a new study out this month which falls in line with what I am talking about. Eat right, NO JUNK FOOD or FOODS HIGH IN CORN SYRUP AND FATS, Exercise a minimum of 3 TIMES A WEEK FOR AT LEAST 20 minutes. Take your vitamins and get ADJUSTED to keep your biomechanics in proper alignment!

People/Doctors who say “vitamins don’t work” or, “getting adjusted is just a band aid and does not work”, do not READ the research and the journals. Use your common sense. It’s not voodoo or alternative science; its very, very mainstream. If the highest paid athletes in the world who demand the most from their bodies go by this philosophy, maybe you should too. Let the “nay sayers” and “non believers” get sick.


Steroid Drugs, a common treatment for young children prone to wheezing and colds, do not help and may even be harmful, according to a new research study.

Preschoolers, in Britain who were hospitalized with a wheezing attack and treated with the steroid prednisolone stayed just as long as other children who were given “dummy” pills.

In another study, Canadian children who had previous wheezing trouble and who took the steroid fluticasone as a preventive measure showed modest improvement, but the side effect of possible stunted growth outweighed the benefit, researchers said.

Both studies were reported in today’s New England Journal of Medicine, one of the highest regarded Pub Medicine journals on the research circuit. All studies are independent and double blind.

I was born with Asthma and as a child I was told to swim to build up my lungs (with moisture) and when it got bad , to sit in a steamed room. When I was climbing high mountains, getting bronchitis or having an asthma attack was a real concern. I ate right, got plenty of sleep, got adjusted twice a month, (more if I felt a cold coming on) and took my vitamins. I never missed a summit. I did go down the “medical route” once, taking meds such as Advair, Provental and Albuterol. What I found was I felt terrible, jittery, weak and was still sick. After several weeks, I realized that all the times before when I would get sick I was better in less than two weeks with “my methods”. I went back to getting adjusted (daily during my breathing bouts), taking supplements (anti inflammatory, lung strength and immune system), laser work, diet and rest. BAM I was better in no time and have not looked back since. I practice what I preach.

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