Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hey Doc, can I crack my own back?

This month’s blog is all about being interactive with the patients. We get asked numerous questions a day and it is hard to remember them all and then write about them. So this month and next I would like all of you to respond to this blog and ask a question. I will check back on a regular basis and answer any question that you may ask.

This is a good way to get all of you interactive with our website. We here at CSI want to make sure that all our patients get the most out of all our services. 2009 is a new year and with it being a new year I would like start this February blog with the first question. I will also be adding other blogs about certain topics that are of a concern.

But now onto the question.???????

1) Is it bad to twist my back while I sit in class and make it CRACK several times a day?????

A: YES, YES, YES, YES. Continual adjusting of the spine, several times a day will lead to what is called HYPERlaxity. Now we are talking about someone who adjusts himself or herself more than 4 times a day. So those of you who see us three times a week are not going to experience this issue.
What happens is the spine after it gets adjusted multiple times starts to loosen the surrounding ligaments and tissues and it is called VISCOELASTIC CREEP. This will cause joint laxity and then lead to you wanting to crack it more because it is sore. So to fix it STOP adjusting yourself and do exercises to strengthen the area that you are CRACKING. The stronger the area the less you want to CRACK. OK, SO THERE IS IT IS. STOP ADJUSTING YOURSELF.

Dr. Ed Green is the Clinic Director at CSI Moorpark, he is big and will get angry if you do not ask a question. Let him have it.

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