Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I am writing this blog this month in response to an article that was posted in the American Chiropractic Associations monthly magazine. In this article the IONIC FOOTSPA is given a bad wrap. There are parts of the article that I agree and disagree with. There is also a YouTube video to go along with this article. Since we at CSI are not only on the cutting edge of tissue recovery, we also will stand up to our products and will always keep you informed when we run across articles such as this. This article basically states that the science behind the footbath is false and that there is nothing to benefit from doing this therapy. I DISAGREE.

The article claims that most providers of this therapy are claiming that the color of the water is PURE toxins that are withdrawn out the body. I AGREE WITH THE AUTHOR, THIS IS NOT TRUE. That dark rust/brown color is in part to the break down of the array itself. When you add water, metal and electricity you will get RUST. So a part of the color is from the break down of the array. I have never gone against this. The article also references a link on YOUTUBE with a man showing how (In his opinion) the IONIC FOOTSPAS are FALSE. This person does not take in account the multiple benefits that these machines offer besides the idea of DETOXIFICATION.

I have lectured to many doctors and individuals on the therapeutic benefits of the FOOTSPA. Do I think that the FOOTSPA just detoxifies the body NO. It is one of the effects. Many ask me how do I know what is being pulled out and what parts of the body are being DETOXIFIED. This I cannot answer. In my opinion you would have to take a pre and post water, blood and organ sample in order to truly determine. There are some out there that use a COLOR chart to determine what the color of that water means, which is nothing more than a selling tool. The color is a small part of the treatment process. The FOOTSPA also provides the body a low electric stimulus, which has been shown with other therapy modalities to enhance cellular activity. By doing this the body can heal quicker and allow the body and its cells to work at a higher function. On this premise is what I see is the most dramatic effect of the IONIC FOOTBATH.

In our clinics we use it to help deal with allergens, colds and especially tissue healing post surgical. In combination with chiropractic treatments, cold laser therapy, proper nutrition and exercise habit, the IONIC FOOTSPA is a perfect addition. That article was written to spark a response and it got mine. At CSI we use the Cellular Cleanse Platinum FOOTSPA and we could not be happier with the results. If anyone would like to try the Cellular Cleanse Therapy please contact CSI at 805-531-1188 for Moorpark or 805-371-0737 for Westlake and either I or Dr. Amir will personally walk you through the process and explain what is going on. Also don’t forget that SUMMER is upon us and with all the SUMMER activities and sports, CSI is here to help keep you healthy and happy.


Dr. Ed Green
Clinic Director, CSI Moorpark

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