Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chiropractic can help you get a job

“Two guys walk into a bar”, wait a minute, wrong article, let me start again. “Two guys walk into a job interview, both with equally impressive resumes. The first guy walks in with a slight hunch in his spine, shoulders rolled forwards and a slow gait. The second man walks in tall and straight, shoulders back and his head held high. Which one gets the job?” The second man gets regular Chiropractic Care to keep his spine aligned, his nerves flowing strong, keeps his neck lose to keep his head balanced over his shoulders and counteract the evil forces of desk work. With his spine aligned, his head and shoulders balanced, his gait true and powerful, his presentation in his job interview is PERCIEVED as one of confidence, power, hard working, reliable and honest. The man who presented with a stiff gait, rolled shoulders, head forward, back hunched, will come across as a person who is weak, lacks confidence, shifty, unreliable and one who will complain.

Keeping your back and body healthy goes beyond health and increased athletic performance but now transcends into vitality and strength in these trying times. If your body does not function internally at its max how can you function in life at your max ? How can you make a big presentation during an important meeting if you are bent over or your body language screams “lack of confidence?” This is not your fault, but how you are being PERCIEVED. If your cars alignment is off, how does your car run? Do the parts wear out faster and do you burn more gas going down the road? The same thing happens when your body is not aligned properly; you burn more energy just getting through the day and your parts (ie, discs, tendons, ligaments) wear out faster leading to more advanced injuries.

In these economic times, seeing your Chiropractor is not a luxury but one of necessity to not only save money in future medical bills, but to keep achieving maximum output so your outward Perception equals your Inward DRIVE.

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