Tuesday, January 5, 2010

To be better, start with the EYES!

By: Dr. Terry Weyman

We often forget to train our eyes for our sport yet they are so instrumental in initiating all quick movements. Your head follows your eyes and consequently, your body follows your head. By training the eyes, quick movements such as; darting through that hole in the defense, finding your receiver quicker, making that quick hockey shot or getting the ball in the elusive corner of the lacrosse net, will become easier. Training the eyes will also help reaction time for sports such as Motocross and Baseball. Do this simple drill for 10-20 seconds two to three times a week and watch YOUR eye reaction speed increase. Have a partner, stand behind you with a red laser pointer. Have them move the pointer on the wall in front of you in quick patterns, all around the wall. Do NOT move your head, just your eyes and follow the dot. Make a game to see if your partner can move the dot faster or in a pattern that you can’t keep up with. Practice this simple drill and watch your performance increase!

Dr. Terry Weyman is the CEO of The Chiropractic Sports Institute in Southern California. You can visit their website at www.gotcsi.com and sign up for their bi-monthly newsletter, TidBits.

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