Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Time to get ready for SUMMER!

By: Dr. Ed Green

We here in California are lucky because we are able to play sports year round out doors. With summer approaching quickly and the days getting much longer we all need to prepare our bodies for some intense out door fun.

As for my self, my Highland games season is now in full swing. I am playing softball 2 to 3 nights a week and I have been coaching some youngins how to throw the shot put for youth track. With the level of activity increasing, we all need to get in a habit of daily stretching. Daily stretching will help prevent those nagging injuries that will keep us from playing.

I recommend the following several stretches to be done pre play and then some to be done post play. Before sports that require fast twitch muscle I would not recommend doing static stretching. You should more do stretches that mimic the sport that you are about to play.

Stretches to be done PRE-GAME

1) Karaokes. For about 20yds
2) Bounding for about 20 yds
3) Butt kickers for about 20 yds
4) Quick Feet drills for about 20yds
5) Double leg high jumps standing in place 3 sets 6 reps
6) Moving lunges at least 10 per leg.

Stretches to be done POST-play( Each stretch hold 15-20 sec)

1) Hamstring stretches standing and seated
2) Quadricep stretches stand and side lying
3) Figure 4 Gluteal stretches
4) Calves standing and on all fours.
5) Chest stretches for pectoralis major and minor
6) Neck stretches

These simple yet useful stretches if done pre and post all events will help the body maintain its flexibility and prevent those nagging little injuries that keep us in doors and not out enjoying our beautiful area.

I strive to teach all my patients these stretches because I have seen how beneficial they are to ones recovery and to maintaining an injury free season. I hope these help all of you and allow you play to best of your ability and injury FREE.

Ed Green D.C. C.C.S.P
CSI Moorpark

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