Thursday, April 29, 2010

Treat yourself like a pro!

By. Dr. Terry Weyman

Western Medicine or Eastern Medicine, Primary or "alternative medicine", these are topics I hear all the time yet, do they make sense? Why can't we all just get along! Before we start with this topic, I ask you to put on your logical thinking cap. According to Dr. Spencer Baron, Author of "Secrets of the Game" "Up until the eighteenth century, the health-care world viewed the body as a fully functioning and integrated organism. Homeopathy, a therapeutic model designed to treat the Whole patient, was the widespread treatment of choice. This model contends that disorder and disease are expressed as a complex "collision" of events that result in physical, as well as emotional and /or mental, symptoms. Then along the path, came along theories, backed by both political and financial power that suggested we are not complex organisms that are integrated and work together but a complex group of individual parts that must be looked at closely and treated individually". Does this make sense? In everyday life you are told to say "YES" to this question. However, in the world of Professional Sports you are encouraged to say "NO"!

To see the big picture you must realize one BIG difference between you and the professional athlete. A professional athlete is a commodity; they make money for the team owner, the team staff, their sponsors, advertisers, agents, Doctors and trainers. As a commodity the interest to keep them on the "field" is financial. While they are playing, they are making people money. When they are hurt, they are costing people money. The goal is to make money, so they use whatever it takes to keep the player playing. With current law the use of illegal drugs, though still out there, are getting less used and out of the box "tricks" are getting used more and more. You and I, we don't make OTHER people money when we are sick, so, the goal to heal fast is low. Stay sicker longer, you make Doctors, trainers, therapists, Pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies and your insurance company money. Is the goal then to heal you fast?

I ask you to start looking at your health differently. To learn the concepts I will teach you in the coming weeks you need to change your mental status first, if you truly want to increase your wellness, happiness and increase your athletic performance. In this "economy" you can't afford not to. Our current treat-the-symptoms- not-the-cause mentality has cost you thousands of dollars in medical bills- and untold months of potential wellness. Who is in charge of YOUR health, YOU, the Government or your insurance company? You can only take care of yourself IF your insurance company covers it? You only eat, or take care of your car if SOMEONE ELSE says it’s ok? Look at how you are spending your money and who is in charge of YOU. Your health is your most important asset, more than your house or car. You are the best person to make decisions about your life, your body, and your health, but only IF you are well informed about your choices, your body, and the possibilities available to you for self-care and healing. In the coming weeks and months we will explore these questions and answers. Share this with everyone and let’s make some changes. Sign up today at to start getting Tidbits and learn how YOU can take charge of your health and increase your athletic performance.

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