Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What is the difference between Pilates and Yoga?

By Amanda Knight

At CSI we now offer Pilate classes to those who are serious about getting fit and improving not only core strength but better body awareness. We have hired an amazing instructor who has been teaching this style of fitness for over 10 years. Prior to coming to CSI she worked with Professional Athletes at The Factory. Working with NFL greats as well as other athletes both during the season and off season to improve their game. One of the biggest questions I get is "what is the difference between Pilates and Yoga". I decided to post the question to our own Amanda Knight.

"Yoga uses a series of postures or exercises to create flexiblity, increase mind body awareness, focuses on relaxation and breathing techniques. Yoga, is taught primarily in large group classes on a mat. The movements flow from one to the next, using static stretching to increase flexibility. Pilates uses different apparatus (called a Reformer) and mat exercises to create total body strength and flexibility. Pilates focuses on dynamic stretching, with concentration and control.

Like Yoga, Pilates also creates mind body awareness and fluid movments. Yet, unlike Yoga, Pilates also uses resistance or lack of resistance to increse mobility and create stability thoughout the body. Yoga is also used as a form of meditation, while Pilates creates a balance between relaxation and work, learning to release unnecessary tention when needed."

Due to the intensity and goal of not only increasing body awareness, core strength and flexibility but also reduce injuries Amanda will only see 3 clients at a time. "more than 3 and the instructor can not truly watch the client and monitor their success. More than 3 and the class gets "watered down" and individual care is lost".

Pilates is a work out and the hour goes by fast. If you want to get stronger, more agile and reduce the risk of injury, stop by and talk to Amanda. Only the serious athlete need apply.

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