Thursday, April 5, 2012

3 areas you must address when injured!

By: Dr. Terry Weyman

What we know is that the body can heal fast or slow. Its up to each individual and their approach to their body and the healing process. The body does not care what we think, just how we act and how well we care for ourselves. The payback? Increased function and achieving your maximum output!

When looking at your health you must consider both the visible world (your surroundings and what you have control over) and the invisible world (what you ingest, absorb and breath in). Health depends on three functions to sustain pure function; biomechanics ,bioenergy and biochemistry. All must be evaluated, considered and treated in order for true healing to take place.

Biomechanical- To have an increase in physical performance we need energy efficient, strain-free movement. Since muscles attach to joints, a full assessment of joint motion and muscle balance must be done. Full body rehabilitation of the kinetic chain must be evaluated to find imbalances, which must be corrected through specific Chiropractic Adjustments. Nerves travel through both muscles and joints. Any form of compression can cause both pain and lack of function. Restoration of the biomechanics and surrounding neurophysiology will provide a strong foundation in order to facilitate the healing process. Once the tension is taken off the structure, complete evaluation of the bioenergy and biochemistry can be evaluated.

Bioenergy- For top performance from your body you need energy efficient, strain-free movement. The more flexible and balanced the living matrix is, the more readily it absorbs shocks and converts them into information rather than damage. Since the living body is a network of cells integrated with each other receiving both mechanical and energetic vibratory continuum, restriction in one part has both structural and energetic consequences for the entire organism. Each healthy cell membrane has an electrical charge of 70 milivolts (mv) while diseased cells such as cancer cells have a potential of 15 mv. The food we eat and the air we breathe is reduced to electrons for electron transport to create ATP (energy) and body repair. Things that decrease electrons in the body are old food, electric fields (cell phones, pagers, etc), dehydration and free radicals. Each molecule, cell tissue and organ has an ideal resonate frequency that coordinates it’s activities. By manipulating and balancing the vibratory circuits we are able to directly influence the body’s defense and repair mechanisms. The use of the Erchonia Laser will help to reestablish cellular communication thus increasing the healing time. The EB 305 is designed to restore the body’s energy, balance and restore the body’s pH.

Biochemistry- The chemical world has a dramatic effect on both the performance of our body as well as its ability to heal. This “world” involves the inflammatory cascade, debrid area, blood flow, connective tissue assembly and nutrient specificity. With any form of injuries (both acute or chronic) the body increases blood flow to the region with a migration of White Blood Cells. The cell permeability increases causing swelling, increased cellular debris and a decrease in pH thus slowing the healing time. The objective of treatment is to: 1. Control the inflammation, 2. Dissolve the injured tissue/dead blood (through the Cold laser, Ultrasound, H-Wave, Marc Pro), 3. Increase the nutrient delivery, and 4. Repair and create new tissue. The course of action needed to increase the healing time is to provide biochemical mediators in sufficient quantities and promote their delivery. At CSI, we use the Erchonia Cold Laser to decrease the congestion in the lymphatic system, the EB 305 to detoxify the body and normalize the pH, and pharmaceutical vitamins/mineral supplements to enhance biochemical stability and free radical reduction.

At CSI we want to get the Athlete back on the field as fast as possible and keep them at their peak. For more info go to our website at

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