Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Going through a time of STRESS?

By. Terry Weyman

Stress is part of life, its just the way it is. HOWEVER, when the flood waters get a little high, sometimes we need a little help. Stress comes in many forms. And its effects are so strong that even the stress of others can have an impact on your well-being. The American Psychological Association reports that "only 37 percent of Americans feel they are actually doing an excellent of very good job of managing their stress". Not only can Stress be emotional, it can also be caused by over training!

What are you doing to help your stress? We all have read about stress relieving techniques, from mediation, positive self talk, breathing and changing your environment. However, what are you doing during the stressful times to just get by until the light at the end of the tunnel appears? Here are some quick tips to help.

Supplements to take: 

Supplements are just that. They SUPPLEMENT the diet when more is needed. If you are building a house and its time to put on the roof, do you want a few tiles to show up at a time or do you want truck loads to show up when they are needed? The average American diet is CRAP. We are not getting the nutrients necessary for daily survival most of the time, let alone in times of stress. So, when the body needs more, give it more. The basics are:

  1. Vitamin C
  2. B-Complex
  3. Omega #
  4. Valerian (if sleep is a problem)
  5. Passion Flower
Get your supplements from your Doctor of Chiropractic. They carry only top quality, Professional strength Supplements that come from Companies that watch for cross contamination and purity/potency. Most top companies even have a "Stress formula" that has most of the above ingredients in one pill.


Talk to your Doctor of Chiropractic, Your MD, your PT or your personal trainer for basic stretches that can be done at your desk and place of work. Change blood flow and get things moving better.

Therapeutic devises:

There are battery powered devices on the market such as the Marc Pro (www.marcpro.com) that are FDA proven for tissue recovery! Recover tissue mean increased blood flow. Increased blood flow, means good nutrients in, waist products out. (use the promo code: GOTCSI to save some money-even more stress reduction)

Chiropractic Care

Muscle attaches to bone. When the muscles get tight, they pull on the joints they are attached to, plain and simple. By getting adjusted, the fixated joints are moved and loosened. By decreasing the joint fixation in a proper, non rotational manner, the tension on the muscle is relieved, increasing blood flow and decreasing internal stress.

All these simple tips can be done on the busiest of schedules. Take time to take care of yourself. God only gave you one body and our time on this Earth is limited so live life to the Max.

Dr.Terry Weyman is the Clinic Director at CSI. for more info go to www.gotcsi.com

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