Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"Its just Pot, at least i am not smoking Cigs"

By: Dr Terry Weyman

The other statements I hear are "its ORGANIC" or "it helps with the pain" or my favorite, "all my friends smoke it, its not addictive"

Well its been a while since I have written a blog (coming up on a year to be exact). As with anything life got away from me. But with the help of my old friend, Obie 1, I am back. With school back in session and kids trying to fit in, I picked this topic to start it off.

POT, MARIJUNNA, GANJA, MAUI WOWIE, DOOBIE, HASH, HEMP, REEFER, ROACH WEED, ACAPULCO GOLD, MARYJANE not matter what you call it. We all know all about it. Or do we?

I get asked alot in my practice, especially my HighSchool and College kids,"is it bad for you?" From the onset, let's categorically say that pot is bad for you. The answer to the question has nothing to do with being a teen; pot is simply bad for you, period. Also to note, it doesnt matter how the chemical is injested. Whether you smoke it, eat it or inhale through Vapor oil (e-cigs), its the same chemical.

However, when one looks at a teenager you're looking at a growing organism, which includes a growing brain. There is overwhelming evidence that pot interferes with short-term memory and therefore interferes with brain function. The more the brain is changing the more concern one has about any chemicals entering the brain. Pot is fat soluble. The brain is almost all lipid, or fat. Therefore, pot gets into the brain. So at one level there's a great deal of concern about pot affecting brain function.

On a very easy-to-observe level pot will also cause irritation of the bronchial lining. I am always astounded 
when a patient comes in coughing and does not put two and two together that pot may be the reason for the cough. When I then ask them if we were to take leaves in our backyard and burn then, would our eyes not tear and would we not be coughing, then they understand.

The medicinal use of pot for glaucoma, certain Neurological/Musculoskeletal diseases and nausea is real; it does help, but the only time I have seen pot used in a good way for some patients who hadchemotherapy for cancer and the overwhelming nausea caused by the medication was alleviated by the use of prescribed marijuana. Overall, it's a 

drug to stay away from. Think of it this way. If it alters your state, it probably is not worth it. For Athletes, why would you EVER want to alter your mental state? If you feel the need to alter your state to combat anger or other issues, Why not seek the advise of a professional to help you to fix the cause and not just treat symptoms?

God only gave you one body. Treat it with respect and care and it will take you on amazing journeys! Until next time. Be well!

Dr. Terry Weyman

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