Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day 1 rehab- Grade 3 ankle injury

Dr.Terry Weyman

Woke up with a very swollen and non functioning foot. First order of business, bring nutrients to the injury in a non wt bearing, stressless manor. Introducing the Hwave!http://doiop.com/h-wave By using the home Hwave I can stimulate capillary dilation without stressing the muscle. Bringing healing nutrients is vital to recovery as well as flushing out stagnant debris that will inhibit the healing process.

Bring on the nutritional Calvary!

I started my morning with my cocktail. Proteolytic Enzymes, Ligaplex, Joint support and omega 3s. Also, checking my diet http://doiop.com/reduceinflammationwithdiet Nutritional support is something that many athletes forget or tend not to focus on, yet it is SO important. You would not put the best parts on your race car then put junk gas in the tank would you? Supplements are just that, they give added nutrients when your body needs them. In this case, my body is trying to heal, so I am giving it the nutrients it needs to rebuild. Another analogy, when you are building a house and its foundation time, you bring in a lot of cement, when its roofing time, you bring in a lot of tiles, not one at a time. Same thing here. Give your body the building blocks it needs to repair.

After my cocktail and healthy breakfast of fresh fruits, yogurt and protein, I go back on the Hwave to drive those nutrients to the injury site. Keeping my ankle elevated I stay on my machine for 30+ minutes.


With sitting, comes a decrease in cardio output. I don't want this. I want blood flowing and my heart and lungs to work to aid in the healing process. How do you do this and not stress out the ankle joint? Good ol push ups and sit ups. 5 sets of 20 with a 1 min rest in between. I use the perfect sit up http://doiop.com/perfectsitup to keep my core in shape and not stress my ankle. Keeping the core strong is vital since I am on crutches and don't want my back affected in this process with my altered gait.

Next step, heading to the office for some therapy. Even though its day 2 there is a lot that can be done. Restoring passive ROM, Acupuncture to stimulate circulation to flush out old blood then onto the hyperbaric chamber with the Erchonia Cold Laser to get more O2 to the area to stimulate healing. Getting well sometimes is a full time job, but what are the options? You only get one body and I can't afford to be down or have a weak ankle in the future.

For stability, to decrease swelling and to aid in compression, I put on my CSI compression socks. These are so important for stability and healing any lower extremity injury. http://doiop.com/compressionsocks

Ok, I am out, got my socks, crutches and desire. Heading to the office to keep the plan in motion. Talk to you tomorrow.

Thanks to my crew, Dr. Shari Philips Acupuncture (shariphillipsacupuncture.com), Rob Bolton at the Elite Factory (hyperbaric chamber), Dr. Amir Mahmud (CSI Sports Chiropractor)

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