Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Severe Grade 3 Ankle injury- The rehab begins

By Dr. Terry Weyman

48 hours ago I was at a Motocross track watching my son, Tyler, practice. It was an awesome day, the track was great, Tyler was riding great an smiles were everywhere. Then it all changed. Tyler was doing a jump section that involved 2 big doubles, the first one 40+ feet and the second 80+ feet. He was coming up on two riders on 450s who were not as skilled. He passed the first rider and committed to the second jump to pass the second rider. When Ty was in the air the second rider bobbled in front of Ty and his bike kicked him into the line that Tyler was committed to. Tyler landed right on him in a horrific crash. I was standing on the opposite side of the track and took off running with one thought in mind, to get to my son. Ty hit the other rider with such force that the subframe of the other riders 450 bikes was bent at a 45 degree angle. God was watching over both of those riders as both got up and checked out ok with only minor bumps and bruises. Myself, not so lucky. In the frantic run I stepped on the edge of the track and snapped my ankle on the 10" lip. I kept running till I got to Ty and checked him out. He had pain in his hip and wrist, which later dissipated with quick therapy at CSI, however, my ankle continued to swell. Once I got us home I was unable to put weight on it and I knew I was in trouble.

The following day I went to an orthopedic friend of mine, Dr. Pierre Durand who took Xrays and examined my Ankle. The good news, nothing broken. The bad news, I ruptured all the main ligaments in my ankle. I have a grade 3 tear (full rupture) of the ATF (Anterior Talar Fibula lig), the PTF (posterior Talar Fib) and an avulsion fracture of the Deltoid Lig. I was told to wear a boot, 24/7 (yes even to sleep) for 2 weeks, then stay in the brace for 6-8 weeks. After this begin rehab for another 4+ weeks. For those of you who are not good in math, that is 3+ months before I can rejoin my life!

The purpose of this blog, is to track my recovery. To show you that the body is an amazing thing, given the right tools and the right knowledge it can heal and do amazing things. I am at the start, You will follow me all the way to the end. I will do things out of the box as well as in the box. To just sit and do nothing for 8-12 weeks is not an option. We do things different at CSI and now you will see it first hand. Share this blog to others who have had similar injuries. Follow along as my team works on me. This may not be reality TV, but its Reality Blogging, healing style.

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