Wednesday, October 24, 2007

How to detox your lungs during and after the fires

Unfortunately it is that time again, FIRE SEASON!! This season is one of the worst I have seen in over a decade. With several different fires that are burning in our area, the air quality is very POOR. Schools are closing, sports practices are being cancelled and people are getting sick. Many of our patients have been suffering from nasal congestion, asthma, lung issues and headaches along with burning itchy eyes and feeling overall lethargic. We here at Chiropractic Sports Institute are dedicated to help all those who are suffering from the fires.

At CSI we can help in several ways. The first and most effective is the EBR Cellular Cleanse Therapy. This therapy helps eliminate cellular waste along with increasing the body’s natural energy and balancing the Ph of the body. This influx of available energy and increased O2 to the cell, created by the EBR Cellular Cleanse, helps to restore the cell back to its natural frequency and homeostasis. This return to homeostasis is what the cells need to heal after injury and restore proper function and health.

Another necessary tool to fight fire with fire is proper supplementation to help restore proper biochemistry. Add vitamins and minerals during this time of extra smoke and stress to enhance both the immune system and boost the respiratory function. For the next month you should add to your morning supplementation, Vitamin C, Strong Antioxidents (we use Anabolic Labs Selanace), Strong B Complex for stress (we use Tri-Adrenopen also by Anabolic labs or metagenics) and zinc lozenges.

During this time of stress and smoke we put together a smoke detox special. We want everyone to have the opportunity to benefit from the EBR Cellular Cleanse so we are offering a special of 6 treatments for $150. Each treatment is normally $50 each. These 6 treatments will allow the body to heal itself and decrease the effects caused by the smoke. If you are interested please call our Westlake office at 805-371-0737 or our Moorpark office at 805-531-1188 and schedule soon to start getting healthier TODAY. You can also get the above vitamins at any of our offices or on our website.

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