Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Exercise while playing playstation? CAN IT BE TRUE?

Well, yes it is. This little TidBit is being generated both as a mixture of Dr. Terry ramblings and personal experience. As many of you know, my son Tyler sustained a serious crash while racing his motorcycle in Late August. He is FINE but did sustain a nasty fracture to his arm. The orthopedist instructed him to DO NOTHING for the first month but he could play, playstation!! Most of you parents know that this is heaven for the child, a death wish for the parents. The child lives out his fantasy of being TOLD he gets to play playstation. As a Sports Doctor who knows better this was a death wish for a different reason. Movement increases the bodies ability to heal and sitting and doing nothing with do just that, NOTHING. Yet to an 8 year, sitting in front of playstation all day was a "gift from heaven". So, now a dilemma presented it self to us, how do follow the orthopedics orders, since my son was stuck on it, but follow my own beliefs of movement and tissue recovery to allow him a fast and safe return. ENTER THE GAME BIKE.

It all started when I approached my friend Terry Hudson who owns and operates "The Performance Zone". http://www.theperformancezone.com/ Terry has been in the fitness industry for as long as I have been a Doctor and he is a trusted friend and an expert in his field. In fact, Perisi (which is under the umbrella of the Performance Zone) Sponsors Tyler in his MX racing. I asked him if there were any devises that Ty could do to help his healing but not strain his arm, he came up with the Game Bike. The Game bike hooks into Playstation and other video games and works with all RPM based games. So instead of pressing the X button you pedal the bike to get your player to move!! BRILLANT. He turned me on to Mark Alderette (marksfitness.services@verizon.net) who is a rep for Game Bike. Mark came to my house and set up the Game bike and made sure it worked and showed Tyler what to do. Poof we killed two birds with one stone. Tyler gets to play playstation while sweating up a storm, which in turn makes Dad happy.

We just went to the orthopedic and Tyler is healing way better than the Ortho expected and is now playing flag football and is not that far behind the kids who have been training the 8 weeks he was out! He stayed in fairly good shape, had fun and rehabilitated his arm all in one. I can't say enough about this little toy. Its a great instrument for lazy,out of shape or injured kids as an alternative to sitting in the chair playing games all day. Infact, it was so cool, I bought one for myself and now we have race nights and we both sweat, its a blast and a good workout.

Attached is a flier from Mark explaining the bikes and how to get in touch with him and the special CSI discount he is offering CSI patients. The Game Bike is a life saver and a great idea in youth fitness!

Until next TidBit, stay strong and keep your body tuned up.


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