Tuesday, October 23, 2007

How good is Monster Energy?

It seems as if everytime you turn on the TV you see your favorite extreme athletes drinking Redbull or Monster Energy. Are they really drinking the stuff or are they getting paid big bucks to show the logo? How good are these drinks and can they have a negative effect on athletic performance? This is a BILLION dollar marketing industry, become aware before you fall for the hype.

"The latest on "Energy Drinks" discovered by Vance Alford.
Top 5 worst energy drinks are:

2) Sobe No Fear
3) Amp'd
4) Full Throttle
5) Rockstar

Red Bull with no sugar was rated as the best energy drink for you,but rightfully enough it had the least effect on your body..(gave you the least energy).

Here's some other scary statistics it showed in the article..For every 20oz. of Monster you drink it takes 6.3 gallons of water to flushit out of your kidneys. The average person drinks 6.3 gallons of water in 23days..

For every 20oz of Red Bull, with no sugar, you drink it takes .9gallons of water to flush out your kidneys and the average person drinks .9gallons of water in about 2 days. (I have no idea who an "average person"is, but anyway...)

Another study showed...If the average person drank 5 Monsters a day for 12 years, and did not drink1 gallon of water per day he/she would have kidney failure within 5 years...Some more...The average energy drinker drinks 2 energy drinks a day to equal the sugari n 2 Monster you would have to eat 13 scoops of ice cream a day..

Red Bull,with no sugar, it would take 2 scoops of ice cream in a day to equal two redbulls with no sugar..Those are real scary numbers. I think I'd lay off the Monster... even the best energy drink for you which is Red Bull with no sugar, even it looks real bad for you...

As many of you know, my son races Motocross. Monster is everywhere in thatsport. So what do you do for a pick me up and to get your mind sharp whenits dull and still be healthy. I have tried most everything and looked at it all. I now take X-Sharp and so does my 7 year old when he is sluggish beforea race. The results are fantastic and its good for "us". I do not use coffee much at all now that I have discovered X-Sharp. http://www.immunotec.com/IRL/Public/en/USA/ShowItemDetails.wcp??&Item=00011100&site=999999

I have ordered a bunch of bottles just for you if you need a boost but don't want the health affects of Coffee or want the sugar and lack of nutrition from the drinks above.Both offices have ample of XSharp. One bottle will last a few months sinceyou only take a cap full. Below are the health benefits of XSHARP.Xtra Sharp is Extra Good Nutrition. Vitality. Energy. Health. This is what Xtra Sharp is all about.Xtra Sharp from Immunotec is an all-natural tonic designed to put the bounceback in your step. An exclusive blend of herbs and minerals gives Xtra Sharpits real “kick”. But it’s so much more.The minerals contained in Xtra Sharp are some of your body’s all-timefavorites: potassium, magnesium, iron, and calcium. These minerals perform avariety of functions in your body that have long-lasting benefits.

Xtra Sharp also has an exceptional assortment of herbs from the familiar,such as Echinacea and Chamomile, to the exotic: Passion Flower, Damiana,Angelica, and Sarsaparilla. Herbs that sound this good must be good foryou - and they are! The unique combination of minerals and herbs found inXtra Sharp contributes to your overall wellness. Highly concentrated andfast-acting, you can now revitalize your body and mind the herbal way.

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